Portrait Focus, Life Updates!

Hello, everyone!  
It has been over a month since I dropped a new post and I wanted to offer up some explanation for that.  As some of you may know I do not actually do photography for a living, that is still the dream and the reality at the moment is that I am serving as Security Forces for the USAF.  With that title can come a lot of things, one of those being serious time consumption due to taskings, training, or just general working a full-time job on top of all my traveling!  However, fret not as I do have PLENTY of backlogged content.  Since we last spoke I have been back into the Highlands, out to Lake Como and Milan in Italy and am actually currently a month deep into a six-month stay in the absolutely stunning Mediterranean island of Cyprus.  


My main issue with keeping up on blog posts:  Honestly it is a TON of work and can sometimes really feel like it is for nothing.  Culling images and figuring out how best to put into text the experiences that I go through during my travels on top of the countless hours of editing can be a real drag at times.  This all on top of needing to keep exposure and activity up on my social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook really makes for a compound effect.  It also takes up a lot of time I could be spending shooting more, traveling, meeting people and planning new trips.  That all said I have gotten really lucky lately and my new workplace is very ok with me editing and consolidating between tasks on duty so I have been able to knock out edits really quickly but unfortunately the only thing I dislike more than editing is writing!  So no wild promises of constant content but you should expect the usual monthly or bi-monthly posts from here on out as well as some older content!  I would love to show you guys some amazing places from my time spent in Okinawa and mainland Japan so expect to see posts on Tokyo, and the Kansai area very soon!


Moving away from the news, here is what I have been focusing on outside of my usual work the past couple months.  I knew coming into the second half of 2016 I wanted and needed to focus a bit more on posing and portraiture.  Some of you may even have noticed it in my travel work but this is not what I was particularly focused on.  I wanted to go outside my usual strong suit of candid and street work and try some more structured work.  So I dove in!  I shot with some models and had a wonderful time while also starting to market myself more toward couples and folks looking for the more "typical" photographer.  I honestly have enjoyed it much more than I anticipated and even knocked my first nude shoot out of the park.   Messing more with flash has been challenging but in a very fun and exciting way, and I can not complain about the fact that I bring in a lot more in the way of funding with this work!  That being said I am also still really open to collaborating on projects and am not stuck on charging for work as it has lead me to meet some awesome folks this past year.  Have a look through the highlight reel and let me know what you think! 


A big thanks to everyone above, shooting with all of you was incredible and I can only hope you are as happy with the photos as I am.  Thank you all again for the awesome support, and a special thanks for my awesome models for showing me the ropes and being so kickass! Tasha I am super serious I will be down to visit in S Africa so soon especially with all the killer wildlife I see on your Insta!  Shannon we MUST meet up again to shoot and crack a few cold ones when I am back in country!