European Travels: Two months in Cyprus

Hello!  I have finally got the last couple months work in Cyprus all edited and figured it would be best to share now rather than try to make a massive post at the end of my trip!  If you don't see somewhere you hoped I would visit don't worry!  I still have so much I want to see and will be making return trips to some spots when the vegetation comes in with the spring and summer months!  I am going to be changing up my writing format for this post and sticking the focus all on the images, adding in blocks of text only where needed.  As always feel free to click on an image to isolate it in full size!




It can be a bit hard to photograph the Akrotiri Peninsula if you are not a military member but for those of us who are be sure to check out the cliffs on the far end near the lighthouse.




Avakas is easily A must visit if you are on Cyprus for anything other than the summer parties in Aiya Napa.  The gorge is stunning and was actually a bit longer than I thought.  It also opens up really well for some nice hiking at the end if you are up to the task.  I have this on my list of return spots due to the harsh light I was fighting while there the first time.




Green Valley  Falls were admittedly fairly underwhelming.  They charge for "upkeep" of the area and other than being a good spot to cool off real quick in the summer it doesn't offer much. 




Also on my list of disappointments these two small falls really fall short, especially when you need to pay to enter.  That said though these are a proper swimming pool and come summer might have more vegetation to help them be a bit more picturesque and worth the visit.  If you are visiting in the winter or fall months, maybe give this one a pass.




Another Absolute must if not enjoying the typical party holiday on Cyprus.  Akamas Peninsula is incredible.  It offers some lush beaches to swim off of and tons of trails to ride if you have any experience with off roading.  If you do not fall into that group you can still tour the area by boat or even take helicopter rides to the area via Paphos!  Regardless of how you see it try to take some time and enjoy this little peice of the island.




This beach is a great pit stop on the way to the Edro III Ship wreck or Paphos, quick to pull off the road take a few snaps and maybe even a dip if the weather is warm!  Nothing special about it just another gorgeous beach on Cyprus!




The Edro is a must catch if you are a shipwreck chaser.  It sits right near the shore and you can drive almost all the way up to it as well so no worries about a long hike just to see a ship.  For those who are not photographers looking for a great shot it is still A  rather unique Cyprus landmark so tie it in with a larger day of sightseeing in Paphos and check it off your list!




Hantara Falls up in the Troodos range has to be the best set of falls I have hit on Island yet.  Take the time as well to hike up the stream past the main set of falls or up the adjacent hills for a nice view!




Said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love and fertility.  This stop on Cyprus is worth seeing rain or shine.  The road leading by the beach offers some wonderful cliffside views or you can always stop and take a dip in the water in warmer months.




Known mostly for its Silver and Lace art Lefkara is a real gem.  The town has a very traditional feel and spending a few hours walking the streets can be a really nice start to your day.



Troodos is a must in the winter and still plenty worth it in the summer months.  There are so many small little villages and passes to roll through on your way up to the mountain peaks.  Take a day and spend it driving through the mountains, you wont regret it.




Milomeris Falls and the area surrounding Pino Platres village can be a great way to knock out a few hours hiking.  The stream is extremely healthy, the small village of Pino Platres vibrant, and there is even an adventure park nearby!  As for the Falls themselves they are very easy to access as some work has been done to build walkways up to them.  I did make this visit during the winter months so I really can't wait to get back and see it in the summer when some of the trees in the area have their leaves.